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AMSEA is a leading operator of ships for the U.S. Military Sealift Command and commercial customers.
As you explore our site, you will learn that AMSEA and its employees form a team of highly experienced and professional ship operators and managers.

We are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and our commercial and LMSR vessels are ISM certified. If you would like information on our ISO 14001 environmental policies and procedures, please contact our Environmental Representative at envrep@gdamsea.com.

Presently, we operate and manage three 125,000 Moss LNG Vessels and seven Large Medium Speed Roll-on/Roll-off (LMSR) Vessels for the U. S. Navy.

AMSEA was founded in 1984 in Quincy, Mass. to operate the five new-construction ships built by the former General Dynamics, Quincy Shipbuilding Division. Since that time, AMSEA has managed a number of Ready Reserve Force vessels for the U.S. Maritime Administration and Sealift Ships for the U.S. Navy's Military Sealift Command.

Employment has grown to over 450 with the seagoing crews coming from two maritime unions.
The officers belong to the American Maritime Officers Union (AMO) and the unlicensed from the Seafarers International Union (SIU).

During your visit to our site, you can learn more about the vessels we operate and manage in the LMSR and LNG programs.

Look for potential career opportunities in our Careers section.

For our vendors we have provided our procurement terms and conditions, and flow down clauses for easy reference and use.

On behalf of our employees, thank you for spending some time with AMSEA and if you would like additional information or ship management services please contact us at cnette@gdamsea.com.

Captain Thomas W. Merrell