AMSEA LNG SHIPPING : U.S. Built ยท U.S. Owned

General Dynamics was a leading manufacturer of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) ships. General Dynamics built LNG ships in Quincy, Mass. in the late 1970s with heavy scantlings to the highest standards of the Maritime Administration at that time.
These Moss designed LNG vessels are available for short or long-term charter.

The AMSEA/General Dynamics LNG ships sailed under the US Flag for the first ten years of their service. They have run for over 25 years with class reviewed service life extensions.

In 2011, full Jones Act privileges were reinstated for these ships, which will allow for LNG cargo movement between US ports and help ensure America's energy independence.

Fast Facts

  • 125,000 M3 Moss ships
  • Full "Jones Act" privileges and capabilities for US Trade
  • From 1978 - Present: Demonstrated quality operations Between Bontang, Indonesia and Japan
  • Excellent CAP ratings
  • Service Life Extensions
  • Maintained to the highest level of class societies
  • Current SIRE surveys available