MPS Program

American Overseas Marine built and operated the Bobo Class military prepositioning ships. The ships were the last ships designed and built by the General Dynamics Quincy Shipyard. These were the only MPS vessels built specifically for the U.S. Marine Corps MPS program in the mid-1980s (Bobo was delivered February 1985). The original MPS mission placed 13 ships worldwide in three squadrons. AMSEA operated the M/V 1st Lt John P. Bobo, M/V PFC Dewayne T. Williams, M/V 1st Lt. Baldomero Lopez, M/V 1st Lt. Jack Lummus and the M/V Sgt William R. Button

The MPS concept was a "Break Glass if Needed" prepositioned cargo in a "one call gets it all" U.S. Marine Corps sealift. AMSEA proudly worked with MSC and the U.S. Marine Corps to develop selective offload and efficient use of the Bobo class for humanitarian needs around the world.

Missions served include:

  • Evacuation of areas due to volcanic activity
  • Tsunami relief efforts in the Pacific Rim (medical supplies, construction equipment and water making/delivery)
  • Operation Restore Hope; Somalia relief (construction equipment, supplies and water making/delivery)
  • NATO exercises

All MPS vessels were named for Medal of Honor recipients. The lead vessel was named for 2nd Lt John P. Bobo who gave his life for his country and men in Vietnam on 30 March 1967.