EPIC Security

AMSEA is participating in a Government vetting program for those persons having access to Military Sealift Command (MSC) owned/contractor operated vessels or vessels under MSC Control. Contractor/Subcontractor personnel and all other persons conducting business related visits to vessels are required to complete and submit the access/vetting list titled EPIC Template to AMSEA Security Department.

To download the EPIC Template in excel file format, right click on the link below and select save target as You need to send the completed list to AMSEA Security Department at security@gdamsea.com as an attachment. Please include vessel name and date of visit along with all other requested information on the EPIC. The access/ vetting list must be submitted at least five (5) business days in advance of the commencement of production, or of employees need to board the vessel. Failure to supply the requested information may prohibit you or your employees from being allowed to board our vessels. Thank you for your cooperation in helping American Overseas Marine comply with MSC vessel access and security requirements.